Customer satisfaction survey – ATS

Dear Partner!

A flight safety control system has been developed and is operated by our company.

It is used for the continuous evaulation and qualification of our own activites. It is, however, evident, that this self-assessment includes many subjective elements as a consequence of which it can not present a clear picture of our work. In order to meet the expectations of our customers to the full, we need to know your opinion as well.

Your judgement is important for us!

You are requested to kindly answer the questions listed below so that a fair and mutually beneficial relation can be realized and can exist between us resp.

Your kind cooperation is highly appreciated in advance.

The Management of the Győr-Pér Airport

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1. How do you estimate the overall quality of our ATS? * 
2. Quality of AFIS provided? * 
3. Are we understanding enough in responding to your problems and needs? * 
4. Do you find the communication, navigation service we provide corresponding to your requirements? * 
5. Provision and accuracy of Current Meteorological Information fo LHPR? * 
6. Provision and accuracy of Forecasted Meteorological Information for LHPR? * 
7. Weather Information availability before your visit * 
8. Do you agree that the service we provide meets the expected safety standards? * 
9. Please, give your reasons if the mark awarded 3 or worth  
10. Any suggestions  
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Date of visit * 
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