Passenger handling
Swiftness, discretion, convenience: for those in business life these are essential requirements, for this reason Győr-Pér Airport pays close attention to fulfilling special requests and needs completely. A comfortable lounge with Wi-Fi connection stands at the disposal of our passengers. The safety and soundness of luggage is ensured by an experienced operating personnel.
Cargo handling
„Just in time” – In many industrial sectors the punctual transportation of a given part or component to the right place is becoming increasingly important. A uniquely quick, punctual and safe air cargo service plays a significant role in making this possible. The Győr-Pér Airport offers an optimal solution for this as goods are transferred to the airplane or truck almost without delay owing to the developed infrastructure and the effective ground service.
Fuel service
Fuel is indispensable for flight, this is why we stand ready to refuel aircrafts every day of the year. At the moment it is possible to refuel JET A1 (total capacity: 56.000 litres) and AVGAS 100 LL (total capacity: 15.000 litres) type aircrafts. Our two fuelling vehicles allow for a quick and flexible service. Aside from fuel AeroShell W100 and AeroShell W15W50 type engine oils are available for piston engines.
Under hard weather conditions snow and ice can stick to the surfaces of the aircraft thereby endangering the safety of flight. Our Vestergaard Elephant Sigma type de-icing vehicle offers an efficient solution for this as it is capable of applying both de-icing and anti-icing fluids. Our service provides an undisturbed air traffic even during winter.
It is possible to order food and beverages of on-board catering – after prior consultation. Besides the standard meat and vegetarian sandwiches it is possible to choose from exclusively arranged canapés, fruit and dessert plates. Thanks to the careful organisation the catering going on board is always fresh and high quality.
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